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  • User accounts
  • Task-managment to ease the coordination of all the stuff that needs doing when making a LARP
  • Organizer management
  • Player management
  • Game management
  • Character management
  • Group (party) management
  • Acquaintance-system (relations between characters and groups)
  • File management with possibility of defining attachments to characters, groups and games
  • Sending of characters through Email, individually or full mailing for the entire game (rtf or pdf formats of characters and acquaintances + any attachments defined)
  • Payments (non-automatic)
  • Completely configurable look using CSS
  • Printer-friendly versions of all views
  • Templates for registration forms and character forms with unlimited user-defined fields
  • History - who participated in what game and what did they play?
  • Plot-system - enter the plot information and attach characters describing their relation to the plots
  • Automatic generation of registration-form and character submission form for use on your own website
  • Character Concepts - the possibility of writing a short description of a character months before you start thinking about details, and if necessary send them out to the players so they can get a heads-up on the sort of character they've been assigned
  • Configuration from within the Web-system - no need to edit configuration-files manually
  • Backup and restore of the database using the web interface
  • Simple three-tier access control; Organizer, Coordinator and Administrator
  • Calendar with markings of any in-system dates, including birthdays, holidays, game dates, deadlines and notes
  • ...plus a few more goodies
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