These people have in some way helped making AKKAR as good as it can be. My memory fails me, so if someone feels they belong on this list and aren't here, please drop me a note and remind me :)

  • Organizers of Skyggenes Dal - Pioneer users and testers:
    • Johan Fagervold
    • Martin Fjeldvær
    • Håvard Haugrud
    • Arnt Nordli
    • Cecilie Schei
    • Ole I. Stene
    • Wenche Wolter
  • Helge Lund Kolstad - Ideas, coding assistance, beta-testing and firmly planted kicks in the butt
  • Kaisa M. Lindahl - Betatesting and user interface consulting
  • Eskil Saatvedt - Main tester for Windows-platform and various bugfixes
  • Other betatesters:
    • Rigmor Dahle
    • Stian Green
    • Jonas Kristoffer Lassen

External Components

Thanks to these components, AKKAR is even better than it would've been without them.

  • overLIB is used for a lot of popup-boxes throughout AKKAR
  • FPDF makes it possible to export characters and accompanying documents in PDF format.
  • PclZip allows the use of Zip-files for various purposes.
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