AKKAR is a LARP administration tool for organisers written in PHP and MySQL. It has all the necessary features to make the planning of LARP events a lot easier, especially for a group of organisers. Features include complete management of characters, registrations, players, character relations, character groups (parties) and more.

Important: Akkar is unfortunately severely outdated. It should still work as intended, but suffice to say it hasn't exactly aged gracefully. A new and modern version has been under development periodically for a very long time. Time will tell if it ever sees the light of day, but if it does this website will be updated with relevant information.


Wednesday July 8. 2020
"There's something alive in here..."
- Luke Skywalker

If by some freak turn of events, something should happen that would make AKKAR wreak havoc with everything concerning you, your LARP, your house or your dog, I can not be held responsible. I've done what I can to make sure AKKAR works just like intended, but you just never know. My advice is simply this: Keep backups. In the event that the system does crash horribly I'll obviously be happy to try and figure out why, and make sure it doesn't happen again (if it's in my power). Of course, it's worth mentioning that we've been using this system since early 2002 without any incidents, so there's not much of a chance it happening to you smile.gif

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